We’re small. we’re lean.
and that’s the way we like it.


so what does that mean to you?



Throughout every aspect of the construction process you deal with company individuals that have a
vested interest in how satisfied you are. They have the knowledge, are given the authority to provide options, offer suggestions and make decisions. This helps to limit delays and gives you the peace of mind that who you are dealing with actually cares.


How often do you hear about the builder/client relationship souring? Unfortunelty more often than not.
Commuincation is the cornerstone of any relationship. Things won’t always be rainbows and unicorns. The nature of
home construction is that it is done in an uncontrolled environment. As attentive as we are, there will be hiccups.
It is however how WE deal with these blips. We believe in providing solutions and options while keeping you updated
– from budgets to construction to service.


We don’t go sifting for trades on Kijiji. We have long standing trade relationships with the best quality tradespeople,
companies and suppliers in Calgary. They know what we expect from them and we know what we will get in return. To you it means they are respectful of the job, show up, and perform to the highest level.


How many stories have you heard about the customer dealing with trade instead of who they hired?
Our mainstay philosophy is that we get by every job site at least once a day. Without fail. And we actually get out of the truck.


No bait and switch here. You are given accurate pricing based on the plans or specifications we get at the time.
This means we don’t strip things down to make it look good to get the job. Becuase that happens. You know it does.


But big builder’s get better pricing. Right? Not true. While there is some economies of scale on large-scale single projects, apples to apples, we get competitive pricing just like those ‘big’ guys. We vet our trades periodically to ensure our pricing is on par with everyone else.


Why would you pay twice? Where possilbe we go direct. You get the price we get and you see every line item.



Are you concerned about the quality of what you touch and see as well as what you can’t?

Do you want your newly built or renovated home to last longer than mandated warranties?

These are important principles to us. We ensure your home is built to uncompromising standards

We build your house how we would our own.

— NOT to bare minimum codes.


Chris Hone


Overseeing all day-to-day operations of Manor House. This companies product included single-family residences, townhomes, multi-family condominium and commercial co-existence, semi-attached residences and destination properties over four separate and unique development areas in two provinces. Chris oversaw construction of the last two phases in Garrison Green and closing off all service prior to the wrap-up of operations in 2009. He was a key element in the marketing of all areas from POP to showhome and sales office setups. Chris was tasked with the design, development and building applications of new product. Chris holds his Master Builder designation, is a certified building thermographer, Moisture Control Technician, trained in numerous building systems, including insulated concrete forms and has held his Real Estate license since 2006. Prior, Chris worked for Consumer Strategies Group which was a real estate marketing company whose client’s included many of Calgary and Alberta’s largest land developers.

Kinga Starzyk


As Manor’s Business Development and Customer Engagement specialist,
Kinga’s diverse career blends creation of high-impact international conferences, fundraising galas, cultural projects and festivals. She has a strong background in fund development, project writing and marketing. Kinga loves the detail and at the same time, never looses sight of the big picture. She is a connector whose focus is on building long-lasting relationships with clients and their stakeholders. Her ability to see project through a strategic lens helps her clients develop and grow their projects over the years.


Customizable or custom? There’s a difference.

The word custom is thrown around all too often. To us custom means that it is bespoke. We don’t think it super cool when you see that fancy railing you thought was so ‘custom’ in someone else’s new home. It’s difficult to come up with something original anymore, but we feel it’s worth the effort.

This is why we try to steer away from the typical ‘list of suppliers’ and we encourage whenever possible –




We utilsie a variety of technologies when we build. With our own thermal imaging camera and blower door, we are able to check our building envelopes for air tightness at insulation and after drywall. By doing these quality control assessments, not only does this ensure maximum efficency is achieved and your utility bills are kept to a minimum, we also can catch any potential issues that cause the occupents future concerns.

The above image may not mean a whole lot to the layman, but to us we were able to confirm a lost window seal before it caused any damage.

Stuff happens. So When considering a builder, ask;
“How do they make sure what is being built is built right?”